It would appear that, after hours and hours spent away from their loving families, NBC execs finally answered the question, "How do we save this network?" And the answer is: "I dunno. Jimmy Fallon?"

The network announced today that Jimmy Fallon has sold three scripts to the fledgling channel, and the list reads like a bit of a late-night skit itself.

First up is DILFs, about 30-something dads that don't feel grown up enough to parent but attempt to juggle the responsibilities with their immaturity. Also, judging by the title, someone would like to f#ck these dads.

Secondly is Fat Rob, a comedy focused on a former rap star who juggles his celebrity with his family life. I can't wait to for this to get greenlit so I can get myself an ironic Fat Rob t-shirt. How crazy would it be if they paired him up with an uptight white guy? That's right. Infinity crazy.

Thirdly is a script for Rick, a show focusing on a "lovable doofus" who is the step-dad to a man the same age he is. This premise sounds pretty funny, but the network's phrase "lovable doofus" and the title Rick both send shivers down my spine.

Will these shows save NBC? Probably not on their own, but I'm gonna watch the shit out of Fat Rob.

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