Jim Rash And Nat Faxon Making Kristen Wiig An Action Star

Wednesday, February 29 by
She's got that Van Damme-like cool. 

Yesterday I wondered aloud what fate would befall the cast of Community when NBC inevitably screws up and cancels it. I supposed that Jim Rash would spin his Oscar gold into more script sales and that’s exactly what’s happening. I should play the lotto.

Rash and writing partner, Nat Faxon (aka Broken Lizard‘s Hair Pie), have sold an untitled action-comedy with thier former Groundling buddy, Kristen Wiig, attached to star. And that’s about all that we know. I’m hoping that it will be a big budget parody of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, but that seems like a longshot.¬†However, we can assume¬†that the film will be way better than those Katherine Heigl bounty hunter arrests a hot dude movies. We know with all certainty that is fact. (Variety)

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