Jim Gaffigan, The Anti-Louie C.K., To Adopt C.K.’s Distribution Model

Friday, February 17 by
Jim Gaffigan when someone brings up affirmative actions. Just kidding. Probably Hot Pockets.  

A few months ago, Louie C.K. made a lot of noise by self-releasing one of his stand-up specials for $5 online, serving as a guinea pig for how comedians can distribute their work for, you know, money.

It was an unmitigated success, though C.K. hasn’t disclosed how much money he made off the venture, but he was kind enough to post a snapshot of his PayPal account showing over $1 million had been grossed by Live at the Beacon Theater. ¬†While it’s unclear whether this model will achieve widespread success, it’s encouraged another comedian with a ravenously loyal fan base, Jim Gaffigan, to take the same approach, with one dollar of the five given to The Bob Woodruff Foundation, a charity benefitting veterans and their families.

You can read Gaffigan‘s post about it here, but he gives credit to C.K. for leading the way on this initiative.

I hear this time, Gaffigan’s really gonna give it to Toaster¬†Strudels.

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