Seth MacFarlane is making a movie about a teddy bear who's best friends with a dude. Awesome. That means you'll need a leading dude, who is Mark Wahlberg, someone to voice the bear, which will obviously be MacFarlane. I assume there's a girlfriend to tell him he has to grow up: Mila Kunis, of course. I guess there also should be other women too, so... give one to... Jessica Stroup from "90210?" She does voices on"Family Guy" too, right? Done. Now, let's focus up on this real-life teddy bear we're all excited about.

In Ted, written and directed by MacFarlane, a child makes a Christmas wish that his teddy bear come to life. Be careful what you wish for, because 25 years later the talking bear is still hanging around with our now grown-up hero (Wahlberg), only he's got a smoking habit and a bad attitude. So glad my Roger Rabbit doll didn't come to life, as I had often hoped. Joel McHale plays Ted's boss, and Stroup plays a woman who sleeps with said boss. Women characters: gotta love their willingness to sleep with male characters. (Hollywood Reporter)