Of course, we have no idea in what context or for how long Jesse Plemons will be joining the saga that is Breaking Bad, but still, Landry, am I right?

The addition of Friday Night Lights star Plemons to the cast of the acclaimed AMC drama comes seemingly minutes after it was announced that his network TV show, Bent, had been cancelled. On Breaking Bad, Plemons will play a guy named Todd who is "a dependable, innocuous, working-class guy," which we all know on Breaking Bad means that he's going to end up killing babies and putting his whole family in danger.

Of course, Plemons is not stranger to complicated criminal conspiracies, after his Landry character killed Tyra's stalker in one of the most contrived and disappointing TV subplots of my life. Maybe they'll just redo that whole storyline for Breaking Bad, where it won't seem quite so ridiculous. Also...