Jesse Eisenberg was little more than the thinking man's Michael Cera before his excellent performance in last year's The Social Network. Now it seems like producer Scott Rudin sees something in the little guy too, since he wants him to play the lead role in a movie based on "The Terrorist Search Engine," a a recent New York Magazine article. Here's what it's about:
"'Engine' details how the downy-cheeked-but-web-savvy Kohlmann — dubbed “the Doogie Howser of Terrorism” by an FBI agent when he was just 23 — has helped convict 23 defendants in federal courts and Guantánamo Bay tribunals with his expert witness testimony. Now 31, Kohlmann is a controversial figure who has made testifying at such trials his principal source of income and earned a reputation in some circles as "working in the 'guilty-verdict industry.'"

It remains to be seen if Eisenberg will actually take this part. It's superficially reminiscent of Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, but it also appears to be a very interesting character in its own right. In any case, apparently Eisenberg is waiting for a script before he makes a decision. Maybe he'll take it if his girlfriend breaks up with him. (Vulture)