‘Jersey Shore’ Cast In ‘Three Stooges’ Of Course

Tuesday, August 9 by

Three stooges are clearly not enough for the Farrell Brothers. That’s why they gave the cast of Jersey Shore a cameo in their adaptation of The Three Stooges. JWoww and Sammi recently went on Access Hollywood to discuss their experience on the set and it appears that they’ve been bitten by the Acting Bug (which is probably the least of their bug-biting worries).

“For the Farrelly Bros to say how well we did… it gives me chills,” JWoww recalled.

Sammi elaborated. “Like, you never know,” she mused. “Like, I actually enjoyed acting, and I enjoyed being a part of it, so I would love to see what the future holds, whether it’s acting or something else.”

Castmates Ronnie and Snooki also reportedly want in on the action, according to Access Hollywood. “We’re not scared to be stupid or make fun of ourselves,” said Snooki. “I think we could be good in acting. I would love to do comedy.”

Seriously, you guys. Don’t tempt Adam Sandler. Just don’t. (Movieline)

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