Jeremy Renner is hurting for work. After MI:4, Hansel and Gretel, the Bourne reboot(s), The Avengers, and some Ice Age voice work, he literally has NO projects lined up. Well, that just didn't sit well with Mr. Renner, who decided that his woeful underemployment stops here and now through the creation of his own production company The Combine (seriously awesome name, by the way).

First up once Renner clear his plate is a Steve McQueen biopic that Renner would produce and star in. It will be written by James Gray and will be based off two separate biographies of the action star, which are curiously both written by the same writer, Marshall Terrill. Between you and me, I think Mr. Terrill might be harboring something of a man-crush on the deceased icon.

The proposed director is Ivan Zacharias, whose experience thus far has been limited to the realms of music videos and commercials. No word on a timeline, but it might be a minute or two considering what Renner's got in the pipeline.

So far this all sounds pretty cool. With Renner's choices so far, I'm willing to wait for a misstep before I get cynical. Until then: go get 'em, tiger. (THR)