Jeremy Renner To Dole Out ‘Bullshit’ With David O. Russell

Wednesday, July 18 by
"Hey Jeremy! Make an incredulous Jason Bateman face....Perfect. We're done here." 

Matt Damon surrogate Jeremy Renner is in talks to replace Christian Bale in David O. Russell‘s next project, American Bullshit, a film with a title so scandalous that…well, no one really cares actually. The title is fine.

David O. Russell has been bouncing around projects like some sort of item that bounces a lot recently, but has apparently landed on this film in which Renner would play a con man who becomes the target of an FBI sting.

This is exciting for two reasons:

1. It affords a remarkable synergy between actor Jeremy Renner and director David Russell, whose stock is trading at an all-time high after the widely acclaimed The Fighter.

2. More importantly, it allows me to totally put a contextual swear word in the headline of this article with devil-may-care abandon.

Life is good, folks. Life is good.

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