For one reason or another, there seem to be a lot of race car movies coming out. There's that project from Michael Mann,Go Like Hell, and there are rumors racing around several others. Joining the race (OK, I'm done with the racing puns) is Jeremy Renner, in an "underdog rally race" project called Slingshot. Here's a plot synopsis, so on your mark, get set, GO (alright, NOW I'm done):
"[T]he picture will be based on the true story of racer Bill Caswell, an unemployed racing freak who famously bought a $500 jalopy off Craigslist and used it to beat $400,000-plus rally cars in the Mexican leg of the World Rally Championships."

[post-album postid="29039" item="2"]So Cragislist can finally regain some of the reputation it lost over that whole "Craigslist Killer" thing. Renner's got a lot on his plate, including a biopic of noted car enthusiast and sometime actor Steve McQueen. Jeremy Renner better be careful, or he's going to run out of gas! OK, now I'm done. (The Playlist)