Anthropomorphic feminine wash Jeremy Piven has signed on to So Undercover, a Miley Cyrus vehicle that entails her being a private detective for some reason, then infiltrating a sorority house for some other reason. The details either haven't been disclosed or don't exist. Tom Vaughan, director of Extraordinary Measures, will helm the script written by Allan Loeb and Steve Pearl. Cinema Blend reports that cell phone salesman Mike O'Malley will be also be joining the cast as Miley Cyrus' father. So Undercover is expected to be more of a "teen" picture than her earlier "Hannah Montana" work in an effort to meet the slightly older tastes of her again fan base.

Piven will play Special Agent Armon, who will presumably play Cyrus' grown-up foil. Who will emerge victorious? It's anyone's guess. Beyond the aforementioned, So Undercover will star "Gossip Girl"'s Matthew Settle, Josh Bowman and Kelly Osbourne as a sorority sister. The timing of these casting announcements are a little odd, considering Cyrus is currently in New Orleans filming the movie. They'll probably just punch Piven in later using CGI.

No release date is set, but look for this film later this year, in time for awards season.