Jennifer Lopez Might Play The Role Of A Lifetime…Carmen Sandiego

Friday, November 4 by
She's still one of the five people I'm allowed to sleep with without my girlfriend getting mad at me.  

Nostalgic remakes are a tricky thing. The subject matter has to be relevant, but not so beloved that people feel violated when they hear that someone is going to have their way with them. In my opinion, the film adaptation of Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? falls right in that sweet spot. It was something I enjoyed, but I don’t really care if it falls flat.

Jennifer Lopez is currently attached to produce, though it’s presumed that she will star as the titular character as well. I can’t think of an actress I would rather see in this role. Hey! I want to see Jennifer Lopez in a movie! How about that!

For those that were home-schooled or too young to remember, Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? was an adventure/geography game in the late 80’s in which students would use geographical clues and riddles to track down renowned thief Sandiego and her henchmen all over the world.

The plot details are not known at the moment, but we all hold out hope that the adaptation will feature a re-imagining of Rockapella’s theme song, hopefully featuring verses by both Fergie and, I don’t know…Adam Levine. Judging by this video, made as recently as 2000, the Rockapella guys are available.

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