Remember when we reported a few days ago that Winter's Bone actress Jennifer Lawrence was the front runner to star in Hunger Games, the hot property that's being hyped, along with every other movie in development, as the next Twilight? Here's the link. I'll wait for you to read that post.

Done? Great. Now here's the story's startling conclusion: Lawrence did get the part. *Confetti* To land that role, she had to beat out every other young actress in Hollywood (actually young, not wearing a bunch of blush and putting your hair in pigtails young), including Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) and Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine). Presumably she signed on for the upcoming sequels as well, because Lionsgate assumes they're gonna be making a lot of sequels... Two to be exact.

Lawrence plays the role of Katniss (cat hiss?), a girl from our bleak future who puts her life on the line to save her village in a dystopian survival contest. Since the sequels star Katniss, I assume she'll be just fine. Lawrence will be fine too, if the movies are as popular as the books by Suzanne Collins.

But how about guys who are dragged to a film billed as the new Twilight? Will we be fine? I do not have that information yet. Stay tuned. (TheWrap)