Oliver Stone had previously displayed an interest in Winter's Bone star Jennifer Lawrence to play a part in his upcoming adaptation of The Savages, but it appears that she's dropped out since getting cast in The Hunger Games. And in news that should excite anyone who loves stories about studio negotiations and distribution deals, The Savages is reportedly close to having a distribution deal (just like you like!) with Universal. Here's a plot synopsis:
"[T]wo Laguna-based pot growers arm-twisted into working for a Mexican cartel when they kidnap O, the free spirited best friend of the growers. "

Stone supposedly wants Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnston to play the two growers, and Salma Hayek to play "the cartel matriarch, an iron-fisted beauty who becomes intrigued and practically maternal over the kidnapped gal." Stone had wanted Lawrence to play O, but now is looking at replacement candidates like Olivia Munn instead.

This looks like interesting territory for Stone, so it should be, um, interesting to see how it turns out. (via Deadline)