Someone save Jennifer Lawrence! She's got X-Men: First Class coming up in a couple weeks, and she's been cast in one of the next big blockbuster mega-movies in the Hunger Games series. Now, she's also going to be in the directorial debut of Sissy "They're All Gonna Laugh At You" Spacek, entitled Sweet Tea.

Sweet Tea is based on a novel called Goodbye to the Buttermilk Sky by Julia Oliver. The script, on the other hand, is by C. Gaby Mitchell, who also wrote the script for Get Low, which starred Spacek. Here's Jennifer Lawrence on what it's about:
“It’s a drama but it’s kind of a down south love story drama, about a mother who gets married young and meets another man and starts thinking that maybe she made a mistake.”

So this movie is basically designed to appeal to your mom in the same way that Get Low was designed to appeal to your dad. I can't wait! (EW)