‘The Silver Lining Playbook’ Gets Some Jennifer Lawrence

Wednesday, July 20 by

Jennifer Lawrence has been offered the lead for the David O. Russell-directed The Silver Linings Playbook, a character-driven study that will star Mark Wahlberg as the male lead.

The film focuses on Wahlberg’s character, an institutionalized teacher who returns home to live with his mom, hoping to win back his ex-wife. During his stay at home, he befriends a neighbor girl (Lawrence’s character) who has her own set of problems she’s contending with.

It’s believed that Blake Lively, Rachel McAdams, and Anne Hathaway all had expressed interest in the coveted role. Jennifer Lawrence is currently keeping herself busy with The Hunger Games, which is actually going to be four films, because, hey, four films will make more money than three, right? After that, this should be the next project on her docket. She’s shown some serious dramatic chops in Winter’s Bone, so this should be right in her wheelhouse. She’ll just have to remember not to giggle when Wahlberg acts all exasperated. (Deadline)


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