Jennifer Hudson Joins ‘The Three Stooges’ Because…What’s The Point Any More?

Wednesday, June 1 by

Can you even imagine The Three Stooges movie without Jennifer Hudson? I tried to think about it for a second and I got so angry I kicked my dog. The Farrell brothers feel the same way, because the Dreamgirl just got cast as a nun in the increasingly bizarrely cast movie.

4 photosSofia Vergara Being Abused On 'Three Stooges' Set

She will join Larry David and Jane Lynch, who are also playing women of the cloth, as Sister Rosemary, alongside the Stooge trio of the fat guy from “MadTV,” Jack from “Will & Grace,” and some good-lookin greek dude. It’s a murderer’s row of talent! Also, a beat-up Sofia Vergara is in it as well, which is so funny, because a battered Sofia Vergara is in all my sex dreams as well.

At the risk of stating the obvious, the casting for this film has taken some very strange turns. Aside from possibly Jane Lynch, it doesn’t seem as though any of these names belong in this film. While it will certainly keep it from becoming a stale remake, it could result in an unholy mess of randomness. Either way, it’s piqued the curiosity of a couple generations who aren’t familiar with the original show, so…nice work? (Deadline)

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