HBO is making a biopic about the Phil Spector murder trial. Now there's more news from behind the Wall of Sound: Al Pacino, who will play Spector, is lawyering up.

Bette Midler and Jeffrey Tambor will play defense attorneys in the film: Midler's portraying Linda Kenney Bade and Tambor will be Bruce Cutler. Not sure how comfortable I'd be if George Bluth Sr. was defending me in court, but at least you'd get a frozen banana or two. In contrast, I'd totally ask the Bette Midler witch from Hocus Pocus to defend me - you simply don't mess with that.

The biopic will be directed by writer David Mamet, and executive produced by Barry Levinson. As for Pacino, between roles in You Don't Know Jack, this and Gotti: Three Generations, it looks like he's trying to literally "make history." I wish him the best of luck in his history-making endeavors. (TheWrap)