"If you're playing a sports announcer for a church league in a movie called Crackerjack...you might be Jeff Foxworthy."

Foxworthy and his powers of redneck observation are jumping on board Crackerjack, a film about an irresponsible mobile home resident who tries to get his life back on track, but gets waylaid by a church softball league. The titular Bo "Crackerjack" Bailey Jr. will be played by newbie Wes Murphy, while Foxworthy will take a turn as a softball announcer. Only time will tell if he is able to clear the high bars set by both Bob Uecker in Major League and Bob Costas in Baseketball.

Oddly, I experienced a wave of nostalgia in reading that Foxworthy is joining this film. He just seems to be the most affable man in the universe, and, after 20 or so years, I've decided to forgive him for ushering in the insufferable era of blue-collar comedy.

This project sounds as though it will be in the vein of"Eastbound and Down" more than anything, and is being marketed as a sports comedy. I'm cautiously optimistic, but if I get so much as a whiff of Larry the Cable Guy, I'm closing the book on this one. (Variety)