Daniels, Perabo, and Segan Get Into Future Waste Management

Friday, January 21 by

Some intriguing new casting news for Brick and Brothers Bloom director Rian Johnson‘s upcoming science fiction movie LooperJeff Daniels, Piper Perabo and Noah Segan are joining Bruce Willis Paul Dano, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt for a plot that sounds like the best kind of scifi mindbender: “A killer … works for the mob of the future. He, along with other so-called Loopers, dispose of people sent from the future. When he recognizes one victim as his future self, he hesitates, letting the man escape.” Willis and Gordon-Levitt are playing the two versions of the protagonist — Does this mean that in 30 years Joseph Gordon-Levitt will look like Bruce Willis? That would be weird. No news yet on who the three new actors are going to play, but they’ll probably be robots or jetpack manufacturers or something.

More exciting news about Looper: Shane Carruth, director of another scifi headscratcher Primer, is working on visual effects for the movie, which is set “sixty years from now [where] China is the leading superpower and time travel has been invented.” I cannot wait to hear people trying to figure out what they just saw outside the theater after the movie ends. That was my favorite part of Inception. (Photo and info via The Playlist)

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