Remember when it was novel that Jay-Z sampled the musical Annie for the song "Hard Knock Life?" Then do you remember thinking how cool it would be if Jay-Z and Will Smith teamed up to do a remake of the film? Oh, you didn't think that? Yeah, nobody did, but that won't stop Sony and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air from hip-hopping all over the million-year-old comic strip turned movie musical.

Willow Smith, who has whipped her hair back and forth so many times at this point, she might have permanent brain damage, may star as the little orphan in a new version produced by her rappin' dad. Jay-Z is in talks to produce a new score. "Parents Just Don't Understand" how to not pimp their children to Hollywood every second. First Jaden Smith stars in Karate Kid, then Willow Smith gets a single, and now Willow gets a movie, so does Jaden get a video game or something?

What a lousy Willenium this is turning out to be... (Cinema Blend via Variety)