Jay-Z Is Doing The Score For ‘The Great Gatsby’…Let’s Get Excited

Wednesday, January 2 by
And we salute you, Mr. Jay-Z.  

True to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s vision, not only will a¬†representation¬†of shattered American dreams in upper-crust New York feature eye-popping and mind-blowing 3D technology, but also the popular-at-the-time musical accompaniments of Jay-Z, a staple of any 20’s-era music enthusiast’s collection.

This is only mildly surprising, considering that Baz Luhrmann used the Jigga-Man/Yeezy track “No Church in the Wild” accompanying the trailer.

And if Jay-Z’s lyrics are to be believed, no one’s more familiar with the American dream. Which I guess would make Beyonce Daisy Buchanan, and would make Kanye West Nick Carraway, which is something we’ve always suspected all along.

So…get your damn hands up.

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