Javier Bardem “In” For Never-Ending ‘Dark Tower’ Series?

Wednesday, April 6 by

In the last chapter, actor Javier Bardem was being courted by producer Brian Grazer to join Universal’s take on Stephen King‘s “magnum opus,” The Dark Tower series. Bardem is Grazer’s top choice to play the questing, knight-like gunslinger Roland Deschain. In the current chapter, Grazer is close to getting his dream lead. I wish I could finish this chapter, but the plane is landing and I need to call my wife.

Bardem is in final talks to join the adaptation of the 7-book series, which will include three movies and two TV mini-series. Okay, but will there also be a web series and a couple Nintendo 3DS games? Rumors say this will be Bardem’s biggest payday ever, but with all the work ahead of him if he accepts, that’s hardly a surprise. Anything less than his biggest payday ever would be a serious bargain.

Ron Howard will direct the first movie this September with a script by Akiva Goldsman. They’re also both working on the first TV show episode. (Deadline)

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