Jason Sudeikis Will Host What’s Left Of The ‘MTV Movie Awards’

Wednesday, April 27 by

Did something good actually come out of Hall Pass?

SNL cast member Jason Sudeikis has been tapped to host the 20th annual “MTV Movie Awards.” The show, which I remember as being pretty funny many years ago, has award categories like “Best WTF Moment,” “Best Scared-As-S**t Performance,” and “Best Kiss,” which is easy to win if you’re a hot girl who kissed another hot girl in a motion picture.

Nowadays, it’s an excuse to give awards to Twilight, and even a smart, funny comedian like Sudeikis will run out of good Twilight material early in the broadcast. Just ask Aziz Ansari. Still, nice to see more spotlights on Sudeikis. I’m sure when he got the news, he immediately started dancing in his red and white Adidas track suit.

MTV Movie Awards” airs on some network July 5th, and he stars in Horrible Bosses on July 8. Coincidence? Absolutely. (LA Times)

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