Jason Statham Just Wants His Money As ‘Parker’?

Monday, April 18 by

Author Donald Westlake’s pseudonymous (written under the name Richard Stark) novel The Hunter has been adapted several times – three movies (including the excellent Point Blank starring Lee Marvin) but has only had one official adaptation: a great comic by Darwyn Cooke. Now it looks like it’s getting an official movie adaptation from director Taylor Hackford, or at least one that’s allowed to use the name of the protagonist, “Parker,” which no other movie version has been allowed to do.

The movie, to be titled Parker might be starring Jason Statham in the lead role, who’s “in talks” to play the revenge-mad Parker. I think he might make a pretty good Parker, except for one thing: He’s English! Parker is traditionally a hard-boiled American role, but I guess it’s possible Statham will play an American or they’re just changing the part to accommodate him. Either way, I can’t think of too many better people for the part – I just hope this doesn’t mean they’re changing this scary and gritty crime story into some explosion-filled blockbuster. But no one in Hollywood would ever dream of doing something like that, would they? (Variety)

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