Put on you rubber underwear because I have surprising news. Jason Statham is circling a movie about a fellow who needs to deliver an item from point A to point B. There's no mention whether or not his character is good at driving cars or not but that pretty much is a given.

Based on the novel Firewall, Echelon follows Nick Stone, an Secret Air Services soldier caught between the Russian Mafia and western secret agents trying to get their hands on the Echelon computer program. Eric Bana was originally attached to the lead but has since left the project. Good. Nothing against Bana because I've always enjoyed his work. It's just that when you have a film about transporting money, weapons, tech, or hot Asians there's really only one actor to be considered for the role. Jason Statham. And if he can't do it, feel free to call Jeffrey Dean Morgan. (Deadline)