I apologize for all the penis-shaped objects this week.

In order to make up for the lack of box office success of American movies with Japanese audiences, Paramount is planning a Japanese remake of Ghost. Why Ghost when they could remake something other than Ghost? Because of the pottery wheel scene, dummy! It's sexy, and dirty, and raw, and scored with Righteou Brothers music. The Japanese go apesh*t for that combo.

The new version of Ghost will star Nanako Matsushima in the Demi Moore role and Song Seung Heon as the ghost of Patrick Swayze. Well not the ghost of Patrick Swayze, but the ghost of his character Sam in the movie. India's already remade the film twice (because once wasn't enough?), so who's to say it won't have the same kind of success in Japan. Wet clay is universal. That's why my apartment is full of my own head casts. Company doesn't find them at all disturbing. (/Film)