When January Jones was cast as Emma Frost in Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class, we all looked at drawings of Frost then at Jones. Then back at Frost. Then back at Jones. Then we got all giddy.

Our first look at her in costume was a bit of a disappointment. Instead of looking like the Maxim spread we anticipated, she looked more like a drum mallet. Now she opens up about the revealing costumes, which restores our hope:

“The costumes are insane. It’s a lot of very body-conscious stuff. If you look at the comic book, she’s barely dressed. She’s got quite the bod, which is very intimidating. I’m thinking, ‘I’m supposed to be doing crunches on the plane.  How am I gonna get buff in one day? I’m a petite person, so I didn’t want to go into a strict workout and eating regime. I would have disappeared entirely, and she’s very busty, very voluptuous, so I didn’t want to get rid of any of my curves.”

But sadly, they didn't want her to get in better shape for the part in favor of making her look like women in the 1960's actually looked. Which. Is. Bullsh*t. You know what else they didn't have in the 1960's? Guys who turned into ice. (Collider)