These days, with all the Gleeks and they're painfully sanitized versions of popular songs sung by gay handicapped characters, it's no wonder that Jane Lynch is such a hot property. Both resulting from and adding to that heat is news of her casting in Three Stooges as Mother Superior, the head of the orphanage where the trio of knuckleheads, wiseguys, and why-I-oughta's grew up, unable to find loving families despite Mother Superior's best efforts.

With the principals in place, it looks like the film is on track for its May production start. If nothing else, the public's curiosity should be piqued by the apparent "monkey at a dartboard" casting approach that brings Sean Hayes, Will Sasso, Chris Diamantopoulos, Sofia Vergara, and Jane Lynch onto the set of a Farrell brothers film, remaking a TV show generations removed from the majority of moviegoers. That said, it's got people poking each other in the eyes as a veritable plot point. How bad could it be? (Deadline)