You didn't think that Jay-Z would go through the trouble of remaking Annie without giving it a decidedly more hip-hop slant, did you? And I don't just mean casting black actors, which doesn't make the film "hip-hop" or not. Rather, I'm talking about giving the characters cuh-razy fresh hip-hop monikers, like "Benjamin Stacks," rather than Daddy Warbucks.

Nobody knows what the hell a warbuck is, but even the lamest, whitest people know what Stacks means thanks to Jessie Pinkman from Breaking Bad.

The film will star Quvenzhané Wallis, who will play Annie, and whose character will still be named Annie, because while the second-tier characters can have their names changed, you can't change the title of the film, cause then you lose all that sweet synergy by mashing up something classic with something new and phresh.

Phortunately, that's not the case here.