He'll be like this but older and with web stuff.

Bleeding Cool is at it again with the Spider-Man reboot casting rumors. They're reporting that the role is pretty much Jamie Bell's (Billy Elliot's), as long as he passes the studio's turn and cough tests:

I’m told that Jamie Bell was scheduled to fly into California this week. The plan is that he will be undergoing a few weeks of camera tests while simultaneously working with a personal trainer to ensure he is able to perform some of the more spider-like stunts that will be required of him. However this is being considered a formality.

Frank Dillane is still being considered for the role, but he appears to be Sony’s back up plan. Unless something goes very wrong, I understand that Bell will be playing the Spider-Man role. To the extent that  Jamie has been heard referred to as Spider Man in casual conversation around Sony.

I'd like to think those casual conversations go a little something like this:

Studio Exec: I bet the new Spider-Man Jamie Bell doesn't have as tight of an ass as you.

Attractive Assistant: My parents keep telling me I should quit this job.

Studio Exec checks email on Blackberry. End scene.