In casting news more shocking than Ben Affleck as Batman, comes word today that Joss Whedon has dusted off James Spader and cast him as Ultron, the central villian in The Avengers 2. Which is an action-adventure film. That will make billions of dollars. And will now be out Earth's Mightiest Heroes fighting James Spader.

In the comics, Ultron the Robot was created by Ant-Man (aka Hank Pym) and becomes a sentient, super-powered being hellbent on the destruction of The Avengers. However for the film iteration, it's expected that he will be created by Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark. If Whedon hasn't finalized the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver casting, might I suggest Jami Gertz and Andrew McCarthy? Makes this sucker a full-on Less Than Zero reunion.

Of course, these are just jokes. This isn't Spader's first foray into the Marvel Universe. I think we all remember:

Avengers 2 should really be old hat for him. (The Wrap)