James McAvoy is ready to prove how gritty and British he can be. With his goat leg days behind him, his career has exploded and propelled him to leading man status. Though we've been expecting the announcement that he'll help Joe Wright go all literary again with Anna Karenina, it seems that he'll squeeze in a smaller crime thriller first.

James McAvoy is joining Welcome To The Punch, a script that placed highly on last year's Brit List. Helmed by up and coming writer/director Eran Creevy, the story is reminiscent of Heat, with a London detective being confronted by his armed robber nemesis after five years of silence. That plot is said to be just the tip of a massive conspiracy in the tense British thriller. My prediction, the gas stations are behind the whole thing. They set the robber back on the streets. He ends up blowing up gas stations during shoot-outs in his attempts to allude capture. The gas stations reap the benefits of huge insurance pay-outs. It's text book. (Deadline)