The Disaster Artist, Greg Sestero's tell-all about working with Tommy Wiseau on The Room, is a fun and entertaining read. Easily one of my favorites from last year. That doesn't mean the world needs to see a film version.

James Franco begs to differ as he has optioned the book with plans to direct himself and brother, Dave Franco, in the lead roles.

That's right. It's a vanity project about the ultimate vanity project. Which is fine. I get it. James Franco likes to art, but does that mean we should want to watch it? Sitting through The Room is difficult enough. The only aspect that keeps the viewer in it is Wiseau's bizarre performance. James Franco with a greasy wig and scotch tape over his eye just won't conjure the same captivity.
The Room and Tommy Wiseau are only entertaining because they aren't in on the joke. When you present the whole thing with a wink, it quickly gets boring. Even more boring than Dave Franco. (Deadline)