Franco Takes A Moment To Sit In First ‘Rise Of The Apes’ Still

Thursday, February 24 by

Fox has dropped a first look at James Franco in scientist mode for the upcoming Rise Of The Apes. It’s likely they’re saving the apes for the trailer but it makes sense that the first image would be their star. Franco is the man of the hour in the days leading up to his Oscars hosting gig. It seems like there have been twice daily updates about the projects he’s joining, writing, directing, exhibiting, producing, or teaching a class about.

We have a debate going on over here at HQ about what exactly is going on in the above picture. Either he is researching ways to do away with sleep thus completely freeing up his schedule, or he’s reading about James Franco Knowing this guy, it’s probably both. (Jo Blo)

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  1. February 24, 2011 1:22 pm


    i think he’s actually working on a real screenplay in that still.

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