James Franco's back. He had to take some time off to pursue some personal projects (chimpanzee daycare, nightclub on top of Mt. Everest), but he's back to doing what he does best: blindly attaching himself to every project in Hollywood.

His latest project will be Cherry, a character study of a young girl who finds her way to San Francisco to become a porn star, when presumably, bad stuff will happen to her. Maybe they'll mix it up and a bunch of great stuff would happen, but that would be a first. The girl has not yet been cast, but Heather Graham, Slumdog Millionaire's Dev Patel, and "Six Feet Under's" Lili Taylor are all attached to the project as well, bringing some names to the project. Franco will play a drug-addled lawyer that "befriends" Cherry. What a friendly guy!

Co-writer Stephen Elliot will be making this directing debut on this project, while former porn star Lorelei Lee (not familiar with her) gets a co-writer credit as well.

Now just lockdown that Lohan girl for the lead and we'll get moving on this.