James Franco has been a pretty busy guy, what with becoming attached to over 1 trillion films in this month alone, and getting ready to host the Oscars with Anne Hathaway (what, hosting the Oscars by himself is too much? Poor work ethic, Franco). As if that weren't enough (which it definitely is), he's also got his first art exhibition opening in Berlin. The exhibit is called "The Dangerous Book Four Boys" and it features photography, film, installation pieces, and James Franco collapsing in exhaustion. One of the pieces in the exhibit "includes a direct-to-camera video of him talking with rubber penis on his nose and mocking the process of film making." You know, high-brow stuff. Here's the man himself on this new endeavor:
"If, in a commercial film, in I am acting that draws attention to the fact I am acting, you'd probably say that was bad acting. But in this world, I can act in different ways, in ways that draw attention to the performance. I can act in silly ways, wear wacky costumes, I can present it on multiple screens, in different structures. In that way, I can address the audience on difference levels."

You have until April 23rd to get your ass to Berlin and see it. Let me know how it is. (via The Hollywood Reporter)