James Franco Knocks On Door Of ‘Three’s Company’ Film

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While stuck in traffic this morning, James Franco realized that he has this HUGE block of free time between 1:30 and 3:45 on August 28, 2011. Well, Franco doesn’t care much for just sitting around, so he thought that time could be used to create a “Three’s Company” feature film and perhaps an 0ff-Broadway play.

Why “Three’s Company”? First of all, don’t question Franco. “Three’s Company” now needs to be remade because James Franco feels it needs to be remade. If you keep questioning Franco like that, you’re going to look like a fool. Secondly, this series of strange occurrences at Sundance may have had something to do with it:

Franco was in Park City for the unveiling of Three’s Company: The Drama, a sitcom-deconstruction-cum-multimedia-installation in the Sundance Film Festival‘s New Frontier section. With the help of some friends donning cheap wigs, Franco re-created an episode of Three’s Company sans laugh track (and with the sex jokes and desperation amped up), then projected that footage on all four walls of a small room filled with wicker furniture that itself re-created the sitcom’s main apartment set. As weird as that was, though, it couldn’t compare to when Franco put on a blond Suzanne Somers wig at the installation’s after-party (modeled after the sitcom’s hangout, the Regal Beagle, of course) and began to sing.

The owners of the estate of “Three’s Company” liked whatever the hell happened in that above paragraph so much that they are soliciting him to give the dated series a movie and theatrical treatment. Even though he’s explicitly teaching students at Columbia College Hollywood, I feel like these days, we’re all getting a crash course in Franco. I normally try to end each piece on a humorous note, but right now Franco’s got more projects than I’ve got jokes. (Sigh) (Vulture)

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