If Screen Junkies only covered James Franco news, we'd probably have enough stuff to cover. Between starring in all movies, directing features, or sleeping through the Oscars, there'd be enough content for us to write about. Franco Cabin Fever would run rampant, but I think it'd be possible.

So, in James Franco news, James Franco just did something else. He cast the lead in the new biopic he's directing, Sal. It's about the life of Sal Mineo, the gay actor who played opposite James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause. Indie film actor Val Lauren will play Mineo, an Oscar nominated actor killed in 1976 in West Hollywood, when he was just 37. So, we can expect a real uplifting ending on this one, huh? Yikes.

Based on the biography by Michael Gregg Michaud, Sal is looking to shoot this summer. (Hollywood Reporter)