What does it take for Hollywood to start giving back? About $2.7 billion. By the time Avatar arrived on DVD and Blu Ray, 20th Century Fox took a special Earth Day initiative. James Cameron himself got his hands dirty to help plant a real tree. This tree won’t have any psychic powers, but it has some real significance to Avatar’s environmental message:

Cameron, actress CCH Pounder and Fox Executives planted the first of 1,000,000 trees that will be planted in 15 different countries throughout the year. If you like, you can visit the James Cameron tree on the 20th Century Fox backlot. Just tell security I said it was aight.

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20th Century Fox will be completely carbon neutral by the end of 2010, said Fox Film Entertainment Chairman and CEO Tom Rothman, the first media company in the world to achieve that. “Nothing in the world matches the power of the right idea,” Rothman told the “future environmentalists,” encouraging the children to believe in their own efforts.

Anything Cameron does changes the world. As he promised, Avatar changed cinema forever. Now his tree is going to save the planet. “In the same way that we’re all part of the problem of creating carbon and pumping it into the atmosphere, we’re all part of the solution,” Cameron said. “Reforestation is something we need to take really seriously because the trees actually absorb carbon out of the air. Everyone’s talking about carbon sequestration, ‘If we can just build a machine that takes the CO2 out of the air and holds it in the ground.’ Yeah, you’ve got that. It’s called a tree. We’ve got that machine already and they’re really nice to look at too. So in a second we’re going to plant this tree.” I'd like to tell you Cameron then dropped the microphone and flipped the crowd a double-bird, but alas he behaved himself.

Avatar is now available on DVD and Blu Ray. See more pics of Cameron planting a tree below.