James Cameron Develops ‘Avatar’…Again

Wednesday, December 9 by

I can do this all day, buddy.

James Cameron is developing a futuristic sci-fi action film. Someone should tell him he’s already been doing that for the past twenty years. It’s called Avatar, Cameron. Remember? The blue mutant cat people? Ahhhh (dismissively waves hand).

The event film set in the future, but not Fern Gully, is scripted by uber Hollywood screenwriter Shane Salerno. In June of this year it was mentioned in Variety that Salerno was developing a project for Cameron, and many think it could be Doomsday Protocal, which Salerno sold to Fox for seven figures of cold, hard cheddar. The project is about aliens and humans with various abilities being brought together to save earth. Sounds like one of those "important" movies. Please standby while I pass gas through the flame of a lighter. 

It isn’t known if Cameron is intending to direct the project, or merely produce. The only thing that’s known is Cameron just made a movie with aliens and humans being brought together, and he doesn’t know it.

(via /Film)


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