Sonny Corleone thinks that couches should be put in movie theaters so that he still has a job. James Caan said in a recent interview with the NY Daily News that he feels technological innovations have all but neutered the theatergoing experience, which will ultimately hurt movies, and consequently, his livelihood.

In a curmudgeonly rant against email and texting, Caan mentioned offhand that he feels theaters need to turn movies into "an event" to keep them competing with the convenience of on-demand films in homes. Jimmy C suggested that theaters "have a couch, a table and drinks or something" to offer more to audiences.

Personally, I think that James Caan got jaded by living at the Playboy mansion and overestimates the average American's home theater setup when compared to Hef's. Further, my living room is really crammed with a de facto harem when I watch Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, so I'm eager to take every chance I can to get out of the house.