Now that Wolverine has been delayed by losing its director, Hugh Jackman has decided he's going to be the opposite of Wolverine for a couple weeks. To answer your question before you get a chance to ask it, being the opposite of Wolverine entails going to San Francisco to sing Broadway tunes for two weeks. Seriously. Would the real Wolverine EVER do that?

Even if Darren Aronofsky hadn't bailed on the project last week, we probably couldn't have stopped the Hugh Jackman singing-and-dancing train from leaving the station, as the natural disasters in Japan would have delayed shooting. Further, it's not even skinny Jackman that we will have to contend with singing ditties about trolleys clinging and bells clanging, but a superhuman, possibly performance-enhanced Jackman shaking his stocky, dense frame. Much as you should be avoiding Japan and Libya right now, it is highly recommended that you avoid San Francisco May 3- May 15. That means you too, Hugh. (Playlist)