Because it's Comic-Con, and these are the things that we talk about, Hugh Jackman took to a parking lot in promotion of the upcoming Real Steel to talk about his upcoming projects. This being Comic-Con, Wolverine 2 was the topic of most discussion.

He revealed to the attendees that he will be fighting Silver Samurai in the X-Men universe sequel, which begins filming in October after a handful of delays ranging from director bailouts to Asian tsunamis. Writer Chris McQuarrie (Jack the Giant Killer) is drafting teh script and thought that the villain is the best foil for the sequel, tentatively titled The Wolverine. There is no word on who will play the Silver Samurai, but we can bet it will be announced shortly.

Screen Rant offers some background on the villain:
The Silver Samurai (character’s “real” name is Kenuichio Harada) has a long history in the Marvel Universe and should make an admirable foe for Wolverine. Harada is actually the half-brother of Wolverine’s lover Mariko Yashida and he has major issues with her relationship with Wolvie. In the comics, Wolverine is trained in the ways of the samurai by Kenuichio and Mariko’s father Shingen and eventually joins Shingen’s Clan Yashida.

That's a lot of info for one paragraph, but it sounds...just terrific. WOLVERINES!!!!