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Jackie Earle Haley To Appear in ‘Green Lantern’

Thursday, January 14 by

This cast is really shaping up.

Earlier this week, Blake Lively was cast as the 22-year old aerospace executive / love interest to Ryan Reynold’ Green Lantern. Then Peter Saarsgard was cast as the film’s villian. Today comes a report that Jackie Earle Haley will be off-setting the attractiveness of castmembers ratio significantly by signing on as another villian named Sinestro. From HitFix:

"Don’t expect him to be onscreen for the entire movie.  But unless something drastically changes, he is in the film.  And I’m hearing that based on the relationship they have with him from "Watchmen" and "A Nightmare On Elm Street," Jackie Earle Haley is the only choice for Sinestro by the studio."

Haley is an okay choice for this even though he looks nothing like the character from the books. Both Daniel Day Lewis and Bradley Whitford would fit the mold better. Problem is, Day Lewis would never do it, and Brad Whitford… Brad Whitford just wants it too badly. (HitFix)


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