This afternoon, BloodyDisgusting broke the news that actor Jackie Earle Haley is in final talks to play Freddy Krueger in Sam Bayer's update of A Nightmare on Elm Street, and that we can expect an official announcement as early as next week.  (Shooting begins at the end of this month in Chicago.)

This is some inspired casting.  Haley has proven himself time and again in the twisted character roles.  No matter what camp you fall into with Watchmen, you can't deny Haley as Rorschach was the best part about the film.  And his turn as Ronnie the pedophile in Little Children is nothing short of brilliant.  Every time I do my impression of Ronnie masturbating in the car, my girlfriend cries.  So that should count for something. 

Watch that clip after the jump!  Fast forward to 4:58 if you can't wait until the masturbating part.  (How often has that sentence been bandied about on the 'nets?