Jackie Chan is preparing to release his 100th film. Of course, all of them are brilliant, especially his Academy Award winning turn in Burn, Hollywood, Burn. However, like he says in that terrible movie, we should not f*ck with him. After all, not only will the upcoming 1911 be Chan's 100th (he stars in and co-directed 1911 with cinematographer Zhang Li (Red Cliff)), but the guy does all his own stunts, and just about all his movies require him to do a million crazy stunts. I think I might see this just to support a man who's been killing himself for the world's enjoyment since 1964. Here's what his new one's about:
“...the founding of the Republic of China when nationalist forces led by Sun Yat-sen (Winston Chao) overthrew the Qing Dynasty.”

Hopefully, he falls off the side of a building or something, too?

A lot of American action stars have gone from beefed-up muscle heads to broken-down warhorses. Some folks are doubting whether Arnold Schwarzenegger can headline an action movie anymore, and he's made less than half the films that Jackie Chan has. (Both Arnold and Jackie are middle aged - 63 vs. 57.) So, Chan, it seems like you'r unstoppable. Think you can do another 100 movies in 40 years? (Collider)