There comes a time in every man's life when they need to give up the pursuit of hitting other guys in the face with paintcans. Sadly for cinema, it is now that time for Jackie Chan. He's announced that with his newest film, Chinese Zodiac, he will retire from big action films. Unless we're talking about Rush Hour or Karate Kid sequels. Dude's gotta eat, y'know?
"I don't just want to be an action star, I want to be a true actor. So for the last 10 years I've done other films like The Karate Kid, where I'd rather play an old man."

"I will ask my body how long I can go. I'm not young anymore," he said, but added: "In the future I'll still do Karate Kid 2, Rush Hour 4." (BBC)

And Expendables 3. And the Las Vegas-set Shanghai Rollers. But then that's it. Acting only after those.