Jackie Chan Is Building A Jackie Chan-Themed Amusement Park, According To…Jackie Chan

Wednesday, September 18 by
Ok, I'll go.  

Jackie Chan says he’s building a theme park in Beijing dedicated to none other than himself, Mr. Phillip Seymour Jackie Chan. Upon his full description, which you can read here, it sounds less like a theme park with roller coasters and stuff, and more like a theme park in the more literal sense, with the themes being Jackie Chan and culture.

It’s going to be called JC World, which will no doubt have the Westboro folks in a tizzy, and the theme park will offer on display Chan’s antiques, jewelry, and ancient sandalwood houses.


(I’m sorry, I lulled myself right to sleep with that description of the theme park.)

The park will be free, which makes the concept slightly more palatable, and will be “three-quarters of a square mile in size.” To wrap your head around that area, just imagine a parcel of land with four congruent sides of .86 miles each!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That will probably be one of the more interesting facts about JC World.

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