There's this common notion that nerds have a miserable time in high school, but when they finally get into the real world, they can push former jocks around as the heads of all-powerful social networking start-ups. I think the idea is absurd, because most of the nerds I know work at companies with other nerds, not as the cruel task masters of local sporting good stores.

Anyway, the immense popularity of the 80s classic Revenge of the Nerds was bound to inspire a film called Revenge of the Jocks sooner or later. Now it's sooner, because Warner Bros. is tapping Jackass director Jeff Tremaine to helm this project, with a script by Rami Cohen and Etan Cohen (Tropic Thunder).

The story is about three former nerd-torturing jocks, very popular in high school, who must live as adults in a world run by nerds. Yeah, finally, the guys who kicked weaker kids asses in high school get to kick those same guys' asses in the real world too. Revenge will be theirs. After all, comeuppance is for gaytards. (Collider)